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This is some procedurally generated, roguelike, minecrafty looking, dungeon crawling, first person dungeon crawler prototype/proof of concept/experiment thingy. I made this to learn some of the techniques used but it never got anywhere. I might be persuaded to work on it again, if there is sufficient interest.


You're in some kind of dungeon. Kill monsters for experience and loot!

To start the game, click "New Game". Whatever you do, never ever press the "Continue". It does not work, trust me. In the best case, the game will just crash. (To be fair it might just crash anytime.)

It might take a while to create the world, so be patient. If you find yourself trapped, restart or press F4 to enable noclip or F1 to respawn.


To liberate your mouse cursor, press ESC! Click into the window to have it captured again.

Move around with WASD and mouse. Press E to interact with world (open doors, pick up items). Left mouse button activates the item in your right hand and vice versa. Hold TAB to manage your inventory.


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Windows version 3 MB
Linux version (experimental) 1,011 kB